Audio Visual Hire


We offer a range of modern and quality AV equipment to suit your needs.

Over the years we have worked with a number of clients like you who have requested a variety of types of AV equipment for their event or exhibition. Rather than chase around suppliers, we decided that the best way to meet your needs was to have the necessary equipment ready for you, and ready when you want it.

AV Hire for Events UK and International

It does not matter how big or small your particular need is, Perceptions AV will work with you and your team to produce an occasion that will be remembered by your delegates & guests for all the right reasons!

AV Equipment to Suit the Needs of your Event

We offer a range of modern and quality equipment to suit your needs and particularly if your event is within our specialised area of groups up to 150 people. However, it is not just the equipment that you will benefit from. After taking your brief we will put together a bespoke package that fits exactly what you are looking for and we will then staff this package with quality and experienced AV individuals who will know your brief and then work closely with you to make your event work to the best possible extent.

We will supply you with anything from a plasma screen on a portable stand with laptop tray, ideal for a smaller intimate meeting or your exhibition stand to a medium-sized PA system with staging and lighting to a full-blown all singing, all dancing event platform to help run your major corporate event.


Our Expertise

During a without obligation short initial meeting, our key director will ascertain your specific requirements, you will then quickly receive a competitive proposal for consideration. Our proposal will include the following services as required:

Concept Design

Before undertaking any filming project we work with you to storyboard and plan each shot, cut and edit.


Filming, Scripting & Editing

Where the magic happens! Onsite, in the cutting room and on-script. Watch your video come to life.

Project Management

Any project you work on with Perceptions is expertly managed from conception to completion.

High-quality films that engage your audience

View our portfolio of work and get in touch to see what we could do for you.